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Toronto Skyline with supercars

Welcome to the first post in our Canadian Car Spotting guide! The first city to be featured is Toronto, Ontario. Throughout the guide we will be discussing areas, hotels, restaurants and any other points of interests for the best car spotting in the city and surrounding area. Towards the end of the post will be a list of events held throughout 2016.

Areas in Toronto


Yorkville is definitely Toronto’s best neighborhood for spotting cars. Located between downtown Toronto and some of Canada’s most expensive neighborhoods, Yorkville is home to some of the cities most expensive hotels, restaurants, and stores. On a hot summer day, you are guaranteed to see countless beautiful cars in an afternoon, and you never know what surprises you may come across.

The two major Yorkville hotels are Four Seasons (60 Yorkville Ave) and Hazleton (118 Yorkville Ave). Both of these hotels also have fine dining which to many impressive cars coming in and out at most times of the day.

On top of these two hotels, other great spots for finding cars can be Harry Rosen (82 Bloor St W), and italian restaurant Sotto Sotto (120 Avenue Rd). Sotto Sotto had all of the cars seen below just throughout the 2015 summer.

Yonge & Finch

Yonge and Finch he last stop on the subway line (or first, depending on how you look at it), and one of the last intersections before leaving the city of Toronto. This intersection is surrounded by wealth and was only recently discovered by spotters when a new Lamborghini Aventador SV was found constantly parked nearby. While Yonge & Finch is great for spotting cars, it is not like Yorkville where a few restaurants have most of the cars. These cars will either be driving along Yonge St or they will be parked along it or side streets. Below are a few photos from Y&F:


While we already listed Hazleton Hotel and Four Seasons, there are other hotels in the city which often have great cars sitting outside.

Trump Hotel

325 Bay St

Trump Hotel became famous in the Toronto car spotting community back in September 2015 when a Pagani Huayra was parked outside as part of a promotion event. Whether it’s an Audi R8, Ferrari 458, or a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, Trump Hotel often has a spot-worthy car sitting in their valet area. While the area it’s in (Financial District) is not always ideal for spotting, Trump is worth the walk out of your way if you are nearby.

Shangri La Hotel

188 University Ave

One of the most-expensive hotels in the city costing over $500 per night, the Shangri La is a truly beautiful hotel and stands out in any view down University Ave. Located near Roy Thompson Hall, Scotiabank Theater, and just east of the clubbing district, this hotel often has celebrities and high rollers coming in. Often parked outside are Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and lots of luxury cars such as Maserati, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce. This Hotel is also where Deadmau5 and Dillon Francis picked up Skrillex in a Bentley for a Coffee Run video.


181 Wellington St W

The Ritz-Carlton is located right across the street from Roy Thompson Hall, leaving it just a few blocks away from the Shangri La. The Ritz Carlton, even in odd weather, can often be found with one or two supercars outside. If you are out on a day of spotting and you pass by the Shangri La, it is also worth checking out the Ritz. In spring 2015, there was a McLaren 570S launch event, and in fall 2015, Pfaff McLaren also took a 570S to the Ritz in Montreal. While walking around in this area and on King St, you will probably see other exotics driving around near these locations.


While we don’t consider dealerships to be spots on our Facebook group (unless it’s a customer car), you may want to check them out if you’re in town on a trip!

Auto Park Circle

Auto Park Circle is its own road just full of dealerships. Included in the circle are Pfaff McLaren, Ferrari Maserati of Ontario, Pfaff Porsche, and Maranello Alfa Romeo.

Pfaff McLaren is probably the best dealership in the Greater Toronto Area if you want to see some really cool supercars. I (Ken Turner) have only been in the dealership once and while I was there, there was a P1, 570S, AMG GTS, and a couple 650Ss in the showroom, as well as a P1 in the garage, and a line of supercars parked outside.

Pfaff Porsche is often very open to letting customers just walk right into their garage where they work on customer cars and have some on display. Some days there will be multiple 918s just sitting there and you can walk all round them with all the time in the world to explore the detail.

Ferrari Maserati of Ontario will let you in, but they are not as welcoming as the other dealerships. Usually they have one roped off car (usually an F40 or LaFerrari), and then the other cars are all of the new models. FMO (supposedly) has nicer and more-rare cars tucked away upstairs and in the garage, however they do not allow the public to see them unless they are customer of the dealership.

Maranello is a Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealership, and generally they will not have very many Alfas in stock. With the upcoming Alfa models, the dealer could potentially become more popular and have more stock on hand. Not the most exciting, but worth a look if you happen to be at Auto Park Circle anyway.

Below are pictures from Ferrari Maserati of Ontario and Pfaff McLaren:

Grand Touring Automobiles

101 Auto Vaughan Dr, Vaughan + 740 Dupont St, Toronto

Grand Touring Automobiles Maple is home to Lamborghini Uptown Toronto, and located north of Toronto in Vaughan. This dealership also sells Aston Martin and (very rarely) Bugatti. This dealership is only about a 10 minute drive from Auto Park Circle, and really completes the Vaughan car dealership tour.

Grand Touring Automobiles itself is a different dealership located near Yorkville. This dealership is more aimed for luxury car shopping, selling Aston Martin, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce. This dealership always has a large inventory on hand. While it does not always carry the most interesting exotics, any car spotter will still love what they have in stock.

Ferrari Maserati of Toronto

101 Avenue Rd

Ferrari Maserati of Toronto is the smallest dealership of them all. Located right in Yorkville, this dealership has large windows displaying a showroom with 4 or 5 cars. This showroom is by appointment only, so unfortunately you cannot just walk in like the other ones. Usually it’s just V8 Ferraris sitting there and you have a better chance of seeing nicer cars driving by on Avenue rd. Sometimes they do have the occasional LaFerrari or other rare car in the showroom awaiting a customer pick up.

Mercedes-Benz Thornhill

228 Steeles Ave W, Thornhill

This Mercedes dealership is above the others in the city. It’s a corporate store and nearly all of the nicer cars go through there. The showroom is massive, full of AMGs, and the sales representatives let you sit in and play with each car. While it’s no exotic dealership, playing around in a new S-Class Coupe or AMG GT-S is always a great time. Being able to interact with these cars can be much more enjoyable than just looking at locked Ferraris in a showroom.


Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS)

CIAS is a massive auto show that lasts over a week long in February bringing in over 200,000 visitors annually. This is the city’s international auto show that has nearly every car manufacturer display their newest models for visitors to discover and explore. Included at CIAS is a room packed with the newest exotics from each company, including (but not limited to) Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Lotus, Aston Martin, and many more. Each year some hypercars show up as well. In 2015 there was a Pagani Huayra and a LaFerrari, and in 2014 there was a McLaren P1. This auto show is a must-see for any car lover, and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Below are some pictures from the 2014 and 2015 auto shows:

Saturn’s Drives and Blacklist Rally

While their meets are often kept secret, Saturn’s Drives also has exotic car meets open for the public. Last year some of their most popular meets included guest appearances from Deadmau5 and ItsWhiteNoise. One meet even offered rides in various cars including an Aventador, 650S, an SLR,and even more! The best places to find their upcoming events would be the Saturns Drives Instagram profile (We also often let Saturn post his events in our Facebook group).

Blacklist Rally is a rally set up by the team behind Saturn’s Drives. This rally involves four days of fun driving and bonding. It debuted in 2015 and is coming back for 2016 with a few different nights spent in different cities near Toronto. The cities they are visiting in 2016 are Toronto, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Chicago, and Indianapolis from July 21st to the 25th. All of the information can be found at

Hopefully you learnt a lot from this guide and if you visit toronto or just moved in, you should now know the best places in the 6ix to see the best cars the city has to offer. If you have any questions regarding these locations or recommendations for more areas, please comment them below. Of course, do not forget to post the photos of the cars you see in our Facebook group.

Thank you for reading this guide and we have more cities to come. Check out the link below for all of the other cities.


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