Ottawa Car Spotting Guide

Lamborghini Aventador at Ottawa Ferrari Festival

Welcome to our second post in the Canadian Car Spotting guide! The city featured in this post is the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. Throughout the guide we will be discussing areas, hotels, restaurants and any other points of interest for the best Ottawa car spotting. Towards the end of the post will be a list of car events happening throughout 2016.

Areas in Ottawa

Byward Market

Ottawa’s Byward Market is a village of a few blocks located in downtown Ottawa. The Market is full of restaurants and nightlife, leading a lot of cars to come out in the evening. Generally Ottawa is not as great as Toronto, and you shouldn’t expect to see much during the colder months. Once the weather warms up, many nice cars can show up on a hot summer evening. Below are some photos of cars in the Byward Market:

Little Italy

Little Italy is mostly found on Preston St between Carling Ave and Somerset St. Being Ottawa’s italian area, it is pretty natural to find beautiful italian cars roaming around. A lot of the residents in Little Italy do not have extremely high incomes, so most supercars being spotted are older V8 Ferraris such as a 360, F430, or California. On a nicer night, Preston St can have many more exciting cars than The Market or Lansdowne.

Lansdowne Park

One of Ottawa’s newest neighborhoods, Lansdowne Park (TD Place), is home to a CFL football field and an OHL hockey arena. This area was recently updated to be modern and open to some of Ottawa’s wealthiest residents. While the most expensive restaurants in the city do not reside here, most restaurants are still higher end. Because the renovations were so new, 2015 was the first year this area became known for spotting. A night in lansdowne can be more hit or miss than the other two neighborhoods, however it can also have very rare cars such as a Carrera GT or SLS AMG Black Series. Below are a few photos from Lansdowne Park:


Ottawa generally only has one hotel that is known for car spotting. If more prove to have constant nice cars, this list will be updated.

Westin Hotel

11 Colonel By Dr

The Westin Hotel is just a few blocks away from The Byward Market and the rest of downtown Ottawa. Often The Westin will have some sort of nice car parked outside, whether it’s an AMG, a brand new 911, or sometimes a GT40. The Westin also has a restaurant, meaning a lot of customers and Ottawa locals are coming in and out, bringing their cars with them.



362 Preston st

This restaurant is right in the middle of Little Italy and is almost a guaranteed success for any car spotter. The owner has a fleet of a 991 GT3, 599 GTB, and a Bentley Continental GT. On top of the owner parking outside, the restaurant often brings in other supercar owners. If you are going car spotting in Ottawa’s Little Italy, passing by Giovanni’s is a must.


OB Prestige Auto

1380 Boulevard Gréber, Gatineau, QC

OB Prestige is a new dealership in the Ottawa area, and is home to the cities rarest and most beautiful cars. Not only do they sell cars, but the owner also stores a lot of his personal collection in the showroom. Some of the most-popular cars in the showroom are a Pagani Huayra, Lamborghini Aventador SV, and a Ferrari 599 GTO. Being a dealership, there are always new exotics coming in and leaving, You can keep track of their current inventory by checking out their website,

Mark Motors Porsche

611 Montreal Rd

Mark Motors is the only other high-end dealership in the city. They often have one or two rare cars sitting in their showroom, including a 918 sometimes. If you start talking to a salesman about cars, you may be able to talk your way into seeing the garage. They often have rare cars sitting in there, including ones that are still wrapped. The garage can be slow during the winter, but full of exotic cars during the summer! Filled with nice staff, it is always a pleasure to enter the showroom and admire what they have in stock.


Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show

The Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show is Ottawa’s largest car show where all the major brands come to let you explore their newest models. Usually you can sit in and play around with the lower-end, consumer cars. The more-expensive brands are usually moved into one room where they are roped off, only to be explored from the outside. This show is nice since it’s held in the winter, it has usually been awhile since you have seen the exotics and it becomes refreshing. Look for more information here:

Ferrari Festival

Ferrari Festival is Ottawa’s best exotic car show. It is always held on the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend in June. Taking place in Little Italy, This day is filled with cars on display, a parade, and then a demo zone where cars are doing burnouts. It is an incredible sight, and all car lovers are there admiring the cars. Despite it being a Ferrari Festival, it still welcomes all other performance cars. In 2015, there was a McLaren, an Aventador, and all sorts of other exotics. Here are some photos from previous festivals:

You can find information for the Ferrari Festival at:

RCR Cruise Nights

On every warm Wednesday night, there is a car meet (no actual cruise) at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. This event is massive, having over 400 cars on some nights. Often the cars there are American classic cars, however one or two supercars can show up as well. The atmosphere is always great, and everyone there is extremely nice. They also have giveaways each night with items donated by sponsors. Below are a few pictures from the meets, and you can follow their Facebook page here:


Hopefully you learned a lot from this guide and if you visit Ottawa or just moved in, you should now know the best places to see the nicest cars the city has to offer. If you have any questions regarding these locations or recommendations for more areas, please comment them below. Of course, do not forget to post the photos of the cars you see in our Facebook group.

Thank you for reading this guide and we have more cities to come. Check out the link below for all of the other cities.


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