Los Angeles Car Spotting: A Family Vacation

Black Bugatti Veyron at O'Gara Coach Company
Written by CCS admin Ken Turner:

About a week ago, I got the opportunity to spend four nights in beautiful California! Our hotel was in Los Angeles’ Marina Del Ray and despite the constant cloudy weather, the nice cars were still coming out. This is the car side of my four-night story.

As most vacations do, my LA trip began at LAX. While there were not many special cars there, there was an M3 and a C63. Just from these, I could tell this was going to be a good trip.

For the first two days, I barely had my camera on me. During those days the best car I saw was an F12 which is rare, but not incredible for the city. On the second night, I did head out with my camera and did see a few cars, but nothing very special.

Now, let’s jump ahead to what you really wanted to see: Beverly Hills. The Los Angeles car spotting scene basically revolves around all of the nice cars near Rodeo Drive, which is exactly where I went. Unfortunately I only had about half an hour in Beverly Hills, but that half hour did not disappoint. Here are photos of some cars I saw:

Excuse the poor quality photos, but some will probably be re-edited and then uploaded to my Facebook Page.

While in Beverly Hills, I did have the chance to visit a few dealerships. I ended up visiting the local Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Bugatti dealerships. Here are a few photos from those:

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