Right now, we’re in the middle of auto show season. Detroit Auto Show was in January, Canadian International Auto Show was in February, and Geneva was in early March. Because of all of these shows, we have seen a very high amount of new cars not just announced, but finally making national debuts in different countries. Continue reading →

Welcome to the first anything goes day post! If you are unaware, the last day of each month is “anything goes” day in our Facebook Group. On anything goes day, people can post their own car, cars from dealerships, cars outside of the country, and cars at indoor auto shows. This is just a quick recap covering some of the highlights and coolest cars from the February “anything goes” day. Yesterday we saw photos not only from dealerships and CIAS, but we also saw photos from around the world such as Oregon, Texas, and even Dubai! Continue reading →

Do you want to see everything at the Canadian International Auto Show before everyone else? Canadian Car Spotting will be there SNAPCHATTING the event on press day on February 11th!

To add us, simply open this on your computer, point your nap hat camera at it, and hold down on the code. If that does not work, add us by username “CanadianCars”! We’re ready to see you soon, CIAS!

After CIAS, the our Snapchat account will be used to feature events across the country featured by different people so we can tighten the Canadian Car Spotting scene.

Change. It’s a defining word in our innovative world. It can have both positive and negative effects, a double-edged sword of innovation. For years, the engineers and designers at AMG have been pumping out some amazing vehicles, with aggressive designs and thunderous naturally aspirated engines. The most famous of these engines has been the historic 6.3 litre, naturally aspirated V8. Holding it’s place in some of the brands most legendary vehicles like the C63 Black Series, and the sweeping SLS. Continue reading →

Welcome to our second post in the Canadian Car Spotting guide! The city featured in this post is the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. Throughout the guide we will be discussing areas, hotels, restaurants and any other points of interest for the best Ottawa car spotting. Towards the end of the post will be a list of car events happening throughout 2016. Continue reading →

Welcome to the first post in our Canadian Car Spotting guide! The first city to be featured is Toronto, Ontario. Throughout the guide we will be discussing areas, hotels, restaurants and any other points of interests for the best car spotting in the city and surrounding area. Towards the end of the post will be a list of events held throughout 2016. Continue reading →

Hello and welcome to the official website for Facebook-originated Canadian Car Spotting. This website will help our group become more than a Facebook group, but a true brand and community that will keep growing as it continues bringing together the Canadian car community. CanadianCarSpotting.ca will not only be about spotting, but it will also discuss car news (especially Canadian), car photography, and a CCS store!

Please wait as we continue to build the site and add new features. Enjoy!