Recap: February 2016 CCS Anything Goes Day

Canadian CAr Spotting Anything Goes Day February 2016

Welcome to the first anything goes day post! If you are unaware, the last day of each month is “anything goes” day in our Facebook Group. On anything goes day, people can post their own car, cars from dealerships, cars outside of the country, and cars at indoor auto shows. This is just a quick recap covering some of the highlights and coolest cars from the February “anything goes” day. Yesterday we saw photos not only from dealerships and CIAS, but we also saw photos from around the world such as Oregon, Texas, and even Dubai!At the end of this post, we will also announce the Spot Of The Day from yesterday!


The Canadian International Auto Show was the biggest part of yesterday’s “anything goes” day. CIAS takes place over 10 days in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. This show features unveilings of cars in Canada. Some of the biggest unveilings include the Alfa Romeo Giulia, and the new Jaguar F-Pace. Not only did CCS admin get press passes, but so did some of our users! We also had members who went during the public days, and all of these photos contributed heavily to yesterday’s “anything goes” day.


Another highlight of yesterday’s “anything goes” day, as always, is dealerships. Dealerships are always a big hit, and even have amazing cars in the middle of winter. This really helps bring in more amazing content during the winter posts, and they can have some truly unique cars.

Anything goes day also has many photos from outside of the country, and some user cars. Because anything goes day is usually more active than other days in the month, we also see regular spots increase as well. Below are just some extra shots yesterday that were not from dealerships or CIAS.

Some Cool Stats From February 29th

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Spot Of The Day:

The February 2016 anything goes day Spot Of The Day goes to Alexandre Ménard‎! Alexandre took this photo back in 2012, and there hasn’t been such a massive group lineup since that we are aware of. To see five veyrons all lined up is something you won’t often even see in Monaco! So thank you Alexandre for your contribution!

Five Bugatti Veyrons at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal

Five Bugatti Veyrons at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal

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